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Most popular dog breeds - video profiles

What it's really like to live with Britain's top ten favourite dog breeds including terriers, spaniels & the labrador

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Dog Grooming Advice Videos

Keep your dog looking their best with expert dog grooming advice from a European champion groomer

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Quality Dog Products & Accessories

Buy the best dog products - healthy dog food, quality dog leads, collars & toys, stylish dog beds, coats & more!

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Dogs Trust stories & advice

The best advice on dog adoption & heart-warming video reports from behind the scenes at Dogs Trust Leeds

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Dog & Puppy Training

Expert help training a dog or puppy and tackling dog behaviour problems - from the experts

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Live Puppy Cam

Watch the latest litter of puppies LIVE from the puppy basket - on Puppycam Live!

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Puppy Training

Puppy <strong>Training</strong>
Expert help with dog training basics - from a Crufts agility champion

DOG breeds

What dog breed is right for you? Discover the best advice from The Kennel Club and experienced owners in our exclusive collection of video breed profiles.
Video Profiles


Expert advice and quality products to keep your dog looking and feeling their best
  • How to groom every dog hair type - from a European grooming champion
  • Quality grooming products to make the job so much easier!
  • Behind the scenes at the vets - for expert advice on dog health problems and canine diseases. 

Stories and Advice



Follow cameras behind the scenes at Dogs Trust Leeds - for heart-tugging dog rescue stories and expert advice on adopting a dog.

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