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Grooming a Dog

Grooming a dog is essential - and with expert advice, not as difficult as you think. European Champion Dog Groomer Jitka Krizova shares a wealth of experience to help you make your dog look the best they can be.

Her exclusive grooming videos for include:

  • The RIGHT way to tackle grooming basics like bathing a dog, and cleaning dogs ears
  • Detailed demonstrations on how to groom your dog's specific hair type - from curly haired poodles, short-haired labradors and silky haired cocker spaniels.
  • Recommendations of quality grooming products and equipment for specific dog hair problems and coat types

Grooming your dog is SO much easier with our recommended grooming products and accessories...

MOST WATCHED! - GROOMING WIRY HAIRED DOGS (above). Just click on the images below for the expert grooming advice YOU need!


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