Why can I only create one dog profile on
It's true, you can only create one dog profile per user. We under-estimated how many people would want to add more than one dog - and it is something we intend to fix in the future. However - until then  - you can get around it by creating a second user account. Perhaps you could "borrow" an email address from a relative or friend and create a new user account - then add your second dog under this user. We'll make it simpler as soon as we can.

Why do videos not play properly on my computer or phone?
We deliberately made our videos higher quality than most clips you find on the web. So they may take a little longer to buffer or download if your internet connection or computer is a little slow. We suggest you pause the video for a short while, allowing it to buffer or download. Then they should play just fine.
Why is my favourite breed not featured in the breed profiles?

Funny you should ask! We launched the site with Britain's Top Ten most popular breeds (according to Kennel Club figures) - but have been busy filming more and hope to eventually have a Top 40. We're busy editing the videos now so should add them to the site during the Autumn of 2013. See the ones we have already here. We're also planning to involve breed clubs in our Dog Blog - so if you have any specific questions, please post a question or e-mail us on and we'll do our best to help.
Why won't the site allow me to enter competitions or join the clubhouse?
To do this you need to be a member of This is so we can identify you if you are a winner of the competition and so your dogs profile can be added to the Clubhouse! Click here to log in or click the button at the top right of the site. This will also allow you to watch all videos.
How often will I be contacted if I sign up to the newsletter?

Don't worry! You won't be bombarded with e-mails. Expect a general newsletter on news about once a month. Though we may send you occasional targeted emails if we think we have something of particular interest to you or your breed of dog. Click here top sign up for the newsletter.

 How can I find on Facebook and Twitter?
This is really easy to do, just go to the homepage and you will see links at the top of the page to 'Like us on Facebook,' 'Follow us on Twitter,' 'Read our Blog' and 'Find us on Pinterest' - we would love to hear from you so get involved!
Have a different question? Please feel free to contact us via our email address -

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